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Reduce the time you spend producing your Gabriel Report

MyGabriel helps you get your Gabriel return done properly, even if you are not an expert.
 It’s perfect for IFA’s of all sizes, helping you reduce the time you spend producing your Gabriel report.

In under 15 minutes* you can complete all sections of your Gabriel Report using MyGabriel


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“MyGabriel without a doubt
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Molyneux Financial Planning

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 and cost effective"
Lotus Benefits Consultants

“MyGabriel makes Gabriel
 Reporting a 20 minute exercise”
Woodwards Financial Planning

“Gabriel reports have been
 completed on time for the FCA."

Chancery Wall Financial Services


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Non-members price: £490 inc VAT a year

Additional training: £144 inc VAT for the first hour, additional time £120 inc VAT per hour

MyGabriel doesn’t just offer a solution for your Gabriel Report, it’s bookkeeping software too.

You don’t have to be a financial whizz to take control of your Gabriel Report and your firm’s finances with MyGabriel – no experience needed.

* Assuming all accounting information has been entered and both the staff and complaints sections are up to date.

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